*кросспост с моего дневника*

На жж нашла примерный перевод того, что балакают хлопцы:
Ranka: "Say Alto.. What do you think of Sheryl?"
Alto: "No way! There's no way he/she would..."... Alto also likes to use あいつ, so it could be referring to almost anyone.
Sheryl: "I've misjudged you, Alto. I'm after all I'm soon going to leave."
Ranka: "No matter how hard I try I can't be like Sheryl!"
Sheryl: "During the real thing, push yourself to the limit to fly in a cool-looking way!" ... Ew, this one was not easy to put into English.
Alto: "Stop it, don't touch Ranka!"
Ranka: "Sheryl? Why, my" ... really just a fragment...
Alto: "No matter what happens you are not alone!"

И, да, да, скрины, тоже увела с жж! Ковбойская шляпа ♥ ♥ ♥

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